who are we and what we do

A Marketing Approach to Musi

Founded in Phoenix, AZ  in 2012, Profitcy Entertainment is an integrated marketing company, established to provide intuitive business-based solutions to music, media, entertainment, and performing arts marketing challenges. Our unique backgrounds in brand advertising, digital media & analytics, eCommerce and local market planning, enable us to offer musicians the best of both worlds – the level of professionalism of a really big company with the hands-on, real-world perspective of folks who value the importance of each and every fan. 

Profitcy offers services musicians need to plan, promote, sell and grow. 

The business is modeled as a marketing company in order to provide the flexibility to work with emerging musicians at various stages in career development, and take advantage of new technology and emerging partnerships in an ever-changing music industry landscape. 

Some artists come to Profitcy with managers, publicists, booking agents, and street team volunteers already in place. Others are developing any or all of these areas of their businesses. Important distinction – Profitcy challenges entrepreneurial singers and songwriters to embrace their ventures as managers of their own careers. We encourage artists to indulge in the parts of that business that are fulfilling for them, and delegate the activities that divert their attention from what they must do to attain their own, self-defined success goals. 

Profitcy’s Approach to Marketing 
The thing that’s different about Profitcy from other music companies is that we break the rules. Sure, we pay attention. We stay up on how everybody in “the industry” does things… But then we swing from our own branches. We work within an industry designed to homogenize music, streamline artist development, and prescribe the public with packaged goods that garner mainstream appeal. We believe there is no formula for success. Each artist we work with has their own unique definition of success, and we help them achieve goals built around that vision. 

We pride ourselves on being sincere to who we are, faithful to our ideas. We’re just doing what we do best — making music and sharing it with people who appreciate true, authentic entertainment that inspires.


Album Budgeting & Release Planning 
Artist Startup Resources 
Business Consulting 
Career Development 
Copywriting/Content Development 
Design & Project Management 
Audience Segmentation & Communications 
Fundraising & Fan Funding Campaigns 
Marketing Plans 
Record Label Collaboration & Management 
Seasonal Promotions


Advance and VIP Ticketing 
Local Market Strategy 
Booking Agency Relations & Management 
Publicity & Media Relations Management 
Radio Promotion Management 
Advancing, Road Management & Merch Sales 
Street Team Management


Analytics & Reporting 
Digital Media Planning & Buying 
Domain Registration, Hosting & Maintenance 
Email & Mobile Marketing 
Lead Generation Campaigns 
Online Merchandise Sales & Fulfillment 
Social Media Management 
Video Production Management & Promotion 
Web Content Management 
Web Site Design & Development

Digital Distribution 

We provide full service solutions for delivering your music and video to consumers though all major internet music stores plus digital jukeboxes, direct-to-fan and on-demand destinations. Profitcy is everywhere you need to be. 

We take a personalized, high quality approach to your digital distribution. We provide individual consultation and delivery support to ensure your releases are always a priority for street date. The following breakout details our Digital Distribution Services and our commitment to doing the best job possible, for you and your project.

Internet Marketing 

Profitcy Entertainment works directly with representatives at on-line retail sites such as Amazon MP3, eMusic, Google Play and iTunes to secure opportunities for merchandising placement and editorial features within digital download stores. 

These include: 

Home and genre page placement 
New release and noteworthy features  

Sale price offers 
Download Promotions 
Site and event specific merchandising. 

Profitcy can also help integrate your internet retail marketing with a targeted advertising campaign, social media and direct to fan initiatives such as contesting & giveaways designed to cross-promote your music through complementary platforms where potential fans are likely to be gathering.

Social Media Marketing 

 Enables you to extend your artist’s reach through direct communication and involvement with your fans. Digital Music Marketing utilizes tools from top social media destinations including; Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more. We interact with new and existing fans through these channels to create such opportunities as: 

Music discovery, sharing and recommendation 
Build fan base and collect email for direct marketing purposes 
Gather important information about your fanbase 
Drive sales


Profitcy provides the expertise and contacts to help your music get played on radio. We work with music and program directors at on-line radio services to set up new releases, as well as build and maintain existing radio airplay. 

Our promotion services include the following: 

Campaign consultation and planning 
Physical and Digital Service to stations 
Set up, develop and maintain internet radio airplay 
Coordination of interviews and special promotions 
Regular phone and email contact combined with detailed bi-weekly reports insure you are on 
top the latest progress, and ultimately – on top of your game! 

Finally, Profitcy offers service to a broad range of music Blogs, Podcasts and consumer facing Promotional Sites. These outlets provide additional destinations where music taste makers and life-style focused sites can help to expand the reach of your campaign. Whatever your needs Profitcy can provide the strategy and tool set to broaden your exposure and get your project noticed.

We help artists jump start their careers! 

PROFITCY ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC GROUP is here to show you how to carve your own path to success with our “Music Consulting” service. 

You might already be managing some elements of your music career. You’re probably already booking some of your own shows.  You may just need some extra help to teach you how to do some things that you don’t know, things like: 

What does it take to get a record deal (and do you really need one)? 

Do you need a manager, distribution, a publicist, a booking agent or learn how to do some of this yourself? 

Understanding the recording process: how to find a good studio, how to budget for your record, how to prepare your record for mastering or releasing it. 

What kind of merchandise should your band order, how much should you charge, and where you can go to get the best prices? 

How to book your own tour and not go broke while on the road. 

How to license your music so you can get it info films, video games, tv shows, and more. 

How to make a living with your music. 

How to promote your music online and on digital music platforms.. 

How to grow your social media followers.